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Deluxe Candle Making Kits
Container or Votive

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    Whether you want to make container candles or votive candles, we have you covered! Select either container or votive kit from the drop-down menu.

    The Cajun Candle Factory offers you a load of fun with our beginner candle making kits! Each fun packed kit comes complete with a FREE step by step candle making guide along with quality, professional grade, candle making equipment and candle making supplies! You can also download or print the candle making instructions from our web site at

    These are the beginner kit(s) you want if you're serious about candle making! These kits are jam-packed with everything you need to make great votives or container candles.

    Voted the Internet's best beginner candlemaking kit, these are the kits that we recommend for serious beginner candlemakers. You will simply use a 1 oz. bottle of fragrance oil per pound of wax for highly scented candles. You'll be amazed and proud of the strength of your candles! When coloring your wax, be careful when adding the dye; it is very concentrated and requires a small amount. Choose from either the Votive or the Container kits or try one of each!

    Choose from either of the 2 kits below:

    Deluxe Beginner's Edition - Votive CandleMaking Kit

    This Candle Making Kit Includes:

    • Molds:
    • (12) Metal Seamless Votive Molds
    • Wick Pins:
    • (12) Metal Votive Wick Pin Inserts
    • Candle Wax:
    • 10 Lbs. of Pillar/Votive Wax Chips
    • Pre-tabbed Wicks:
    • (100 count) 44-24-18z Votive Wicks
    • Candle Dye:
    • 1 oz. bottle of Red Candle Dye
    • 1 oz. bottle of Blue Candle Dye
    • 1 oz. bottle of Yellow Candle Dye
    • Fragrance Oils:
    • 1 oz. bottle of Cinnamon
    • 1 oz. bottle of French Vanilla
    • 1 oz. bottle of Apple Strudel
    • 1 oz. bottle of Blueberry
    • 1 oz. bottle of Honeysuckle
    • 1 oz. bottle of Rose Petals
    • 1 oz. bottle of Cool Water (Davidoff Type)
    • 1 oz. bottle of Lemon Drop
    • 1 oz. bottle of Banana Nut Bread
    • 1 oz. bottle of Hurricane Daiquiri
    • Instructions:
    • Step-by-Step Votive Candle Making Instructions

    *You will receive our "Votive Candle Making Instructional Guide" and our "Beginner's Guide to Candlemaking". These manuals are packed wtih everything you ever wanted to know about candle making, in two easy to read instructional guides!

    Deluxe Beginner's Edition -Container Candlemaking Kit

    This Candle Making Kit Includes:

    • Glassware:
    • 12 - 9 oz. Hexagon Jars with gold lids
    • 12 - 12 oz. smooth mason jars with white lids
    • Candle Making Wax:
    • 2 - 10lb. slabs of IGI 4630 One Pour Container Wax (20 lbs)
    • Candle Making Wicks:
    • (25 count) 51-32-18z pretabbed container wicks
    • Warning Labels:
    • (25) Professional Warning Labels
    • Wax Pour Pot:
    • 1 - Large Aluminum Pour Pot
    • Candle Making Dyes:
    • 1 oz. Bottle of Red Dye
    • 1 oz. Bottle of Blue Dye
    • 1 oz. Bottle of Yellow Dye
    • Fragrance Oils:
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Apple Strudel
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Banana Nut Bread
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Blueberry
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Cool Water (Davidoff Type)
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Honeysuckle
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Lemon Drop
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Hurricane Daiquiri
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Rose Petals
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of Cinnamon
    • 2 - 1 oz. Bottles of French Vanilla
    • Instructions:
    • Complete Step-By-Step Instructions