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Sunflowers & Leaves Soap Mold - Each mold has 4 pieces

Sunflowers & Leaves Soap Mold - Each mold has 4 pieces - 937X-100
Sunflowers & Leaves Soap Mold - Each mold has 4 pieces - 937X-100
Item #: 937X-100
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    This quality polyurethane soap mold is manufactured exclusively for Cajun's Candle & Soap Supplies. This is a quality soap mold and will work great with all of our melt and pour soap bases. The mold will last a long time with proper care.

    This mold is not suitable for candle making.

    Sunflowers & Leaves Soap Mold Specifications:

    Sunflowers - 2.75" round x .40" deep

    leaves - 3" long (at longest point) x 2.5" wide (at widest point) x .60" deep

    There are 2 cavities of sunflowers and 2 cavities of leaves within this mold.

    It is fine to melt Cajun's Candle & Soap Supplies melt and pour soap base in your microwave but you do not want to get it too hot when you're pouring it into the soap molds. Use the lowest settings possible on your microwave and check it often. It is a good idea to take it out early, even while some of the base is still hard, and stir it until it is all melted. If it is too hot it will actually adhere to the mold and become almost impossible to remove.

    You want your soap base to be just past the melting point when you pour it into the molds (about 110-120 degrees). If your soap bar does not easily remove from the mold place it in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes and it should easily pop out.

    You can keep your molds looking like new by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol and a clean paper towel.